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CNC Punching

Cutting sheet material through punching is one of the most used metal prefabrication operations. During this process the metal undergoes plastic deformation, in a cold state, which can give various shapes, curves, perforation, etc. It is widely applied in the machine engineering, automotive industries and more recently it is often also used in interior and exterior architectural design. Metal punching is preferred when there are wide series of details with a relatively high productivity and a low cost.

Punching is a method appropriate for processing sheet material with a small thickness. Usually the maximum thickness of the detail is 3 – 4 mm. The plastic deformation metal manufacturing process gives a high precision product without significant changes to the end-product’s properties or quality.

Products may additionally increase their mechanical characteristics during the molding and bending process.

All the details which have been already punched can subsequently be put through additional metalworking operations – bending, welding, powder coating, galvanization, etc. till the final product has been achieved.

Regarding low cost price and high efficiency cutting of sheet material through punching is a suitable method for the production of perforated plates. Whether aluminum or steel based, they are an appropriate solution which can be applied in the construction, or the machinery construction industries.

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