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Glos SV natural ventilation and smoke and heat ventilation in the event of fire

Glos SV is a roof system of solutions for natural lighting, natural ventilation and smoke and heat ventilation in the event of fire. The products of the Glos SV series are divided into openable and non-opening roof elements. The main purpose of the fixed roof domes of this series is to provide natural light and comfort in the workplace. Openable roof domes can be used both for natural ventilation and smoke extraction. Products from the Glos SV system are based on a steel base flange, aluminum profiles and a wide range of light-transmitting elements. The natural smoke and heat units of this series can operate in combination with an actuator - an electric motor and cantilever system.

The products of the Glos SV system are roof hatches, which can be installed on all types of roofing packages. Various attachments provide a wide range of possibilities for attaching different types of waterproofing membranes. The Glos SV system in combination with Automation series products provides possibilities for their extended use for industrial ventilation and the provision of a comfortable workplace micro-climate.

All products of the Glos SV series can be connected with the entire ADD series - bird / insect nets, safety grids, sun protection elements, etc.

Each product of the Glos SV system, apart from the standard core products, has undergone rigorous tests to ensure the safety of the products such as roofing elements, as well as sound and heat insulation tests, according to the requirements of the various energy efficiency and passive building standards.


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