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Lighting systems, also known as solar pipes, are technological solutions used to introduce natural daylight into buildings. Their construction allows the capture of natural sunlight, which is then channeled through roof and ceiling spaces, facade walls and other building elements. The system allows the natural lighting of interior building spaces in cases where other solutions for natural lighting, such as domes, roof windows, continues roof light or facade windows, cannot be used effectively. In this aspect aside from being used as an integral part of a complete natural lighting system, solar pipes are an excellent addition to conventional natural lighting systems.

There are proven benefits to natural light in enclosed spaces. Whether in the workplace, entertainment centers or centers for the arts, natural light is one of the things that brings people back to his essence . Therefore, today’s practice in building design is to look at the  effect of natural light, along with all other elements of people’s natural needs. Complying with health and safety standards in architectural design requires the use of solar pipe systems as standard practice alongside other conventional natural light systems.

Another aspect of building design is energy efficiency standards. This is the undeniable advantage of solar pipes. The ability to provide natural light, without changing the light parameters, or without the effects of additional heat loss or the transference of energy factor to the interior of the building, is without doubt an advantage of these systems.

The variety of solutions and products in this group allows for a practical choice in all situations that a  designer can meet in practice. Integrating solar lighting solutions for sloping roofs, flat roofs, different types of facades, green zones, transport areas, etc. is a real challenge when designing buildings.

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