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Powder coating

Powder coating is a widely used technology for covering metal surfaces with a protective layer, with an aesthetic purpose. Due to their properties the metal details need to be finished with a coat in order to be protected from corrosion. This protection could be made from galvanic coatings, coloring and polishing based on liquid solvents and by the powder coating technology. In terms of an economic advisability, quality and variety of resources, powder coating is the most preferable method for the final protection of metal surfaces.

Powder coating is the process of electrostatical application of a fine controlled “skin”of organic particles over a metal surface. Thereafter, the metal details are entered into a curing oven to obtain a uniformity of the powder particles, giving a desirable coat, colour shade and degree of hardness. The electrostatic charge of the coating is a prerequisite for its uniformity, is less wasteful and is ecologically friendly. Due to the popularity of the described method the industry provides painting in a variety of types and qualities to cover the requirements of the product and for its future use to the maximum degree. Polymeric coats for interior and exterior application, with increased protection against harmful atmospheric impacts and increased resistance to chemical agents etc. are also available.

The powder coating advantages:

  • uniformity of coating across the whole surface
  • uniform color shade
  • hardness and scratch resistance
  • speed and efficiency of the method compared to other methods of aesthetic coating application

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