Extending the functional parameters of natural day lighting systems (roof or facade), industrial ventilation, smoke and heat extraction, sun protection systems, etc. is a trend that is both driven by higher demands on energy efficiency and ergonomics at work place, as well as by the increased capabilities of the industry providing these systems at all.

In this aspect, SAMENT GROUP provides on this segment of the construction industry  systems  having integration flexibility and remarkable environmental, agronomical and energy parameters. Each system developed and used by SAMENT GROUP has extensive variations with increased thermal and sound reduction, light transmission and other features, reliability and safety in use. The Integra System, for the integration of various products into different roof or facade packages, is an additional guarantee for the reliable operation of the systems over the time.The possibilities for extensions of  building systems are multi-directional:- Increasing the technical and energy parameters of the products- Extending functionality, increasing ventilation capabilities- Possibilities for building a complex system for Industrial Ventilation with automated control on key parameters- Replace an existing roof or facade natural day lighting with another one with better parameters- Extending the functionality and building of sun protection systems, etc.