Sament Group completed the second extension of the Sarmatec plant near Cluj Western Romania, in the area of ​​natural roof lighting and smoke and heat ventilation in Spring 2017.
Sarmatec is a Belgian company which manufactures hypermarket equipment. The company is the leader in the supply of equipment for the retail sector in Romania.
Sament Group also executed this area of the building scheme for the first stage of the plant in 2015.
The embedded products for the two plants included:
Glos DL BT - Continuous Roof Lights -1200 m2.
Glos FF EL Block 10 - Smoke hatches integrated into Continuous Roof Lights  - 29units.
Glos FF PN - Smoke hatches integrated into Continuous Roof Lights -11units.
Automation Line - Smoke ventilation controlling centers and peripheral equipment.