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Solar protection systems are an essential part of every building, with a proven effect on the building’s energy efficiency, interior comfort and exterior design. Every modern building has to meet strict requirements in terms of energy efficiency, sound and heat insulation, fire safety, workplace microclimate, etc. A solar protection system is one of the essential building systems . Particularly important are the facade type solar protection systems installed on the building exterior . When  well designed and implemented these systems provide maximum comfort inside the building in relation to protection from sunlight. Modern industry provides a wide range of solar protection products:

  • Lamella blinds
  • Roller blinds
  • Fabric blinds
  • Awnings
  • Movables panels
  • Vertical blind systems
  • Fixed solar protection elements made of metal, wood, etc.

Movable solar protection systems – Lamella/fabric blinds, movable panels, etc. – can be controlled by an automated system that adjusts the blinds/panels depending on the sun’s position and weather conditions.

Fixed solar protection systems – fixed horizontal or vertical lamella blinds, perforated products, etc. – in most cases are designs  combining the functionality of solar protection systems with elements of exterior design.

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