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Window automation includes a wide range of automated window-opening mechanisms, controls and peripheral components. When we talk about window automation we are talking about another innovation in building design. Architectural ideas based on smart windows are a prerequisite for good  building energy  efficiency, property security and excellent microclimate, and all of that from the touch of a button.

A wide variety of opening mechanisms allows  you to open all  types of windows, regardless of the size, or location of the atrium or facade. Modern technology enables us to implement such systems by using cables or through wireless. Automated control systems enable the creation of complicated concepts with multi-directional functionality – for smoke and heat removal in the event of of fire, for daily ventilation, for controlled microclimate, management etc., controlling indoor temperature with smart windows does not provide a challenge. Window automation systems working  with BMS building systems, security systems, air conditioning systems and fire safety systems open up new opportunities for the achieving of remarkable results in smart building design.


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D+H Products, catalogue of automation systems

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