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Glos DL V system for natural facade lighting

Glos DL V is a system for natural facade lighting. A vertical system designed to provide natural light through the facade of the building, natural ventilation and smoke and heat extraction in the event of fire. An effective element for side lighting of industrial buildings, as well as for their renovation and reconstruction. The components of the system are based on aluminum profiles and a wide range of light-transmitting elements. The system has unlimited accessory potential and can be installed on all types of facade packages.

The system has Open architecture and through the INTEGRA technological system can integrate in every lighting strip a wide range of ventilation elements, fresh air inlets , natural ventilation flaps , air duct, sun protection elements etc. This allows the Glos DL V system to be almost always used in combination with the system for daily ventilation and smoke extraction, or as the basic element of an industrial ventilation system. The Glos DL V is the most convenient building element for the integration of fresh air facade elements from the Glos IA / Nymbus FLAM product group, as well as Louvers, or fixed louvres for the purposes of NSHEV system and industrial ventilation.

Each product of the Glos DL V system, apart from the standard core products, has undergone rigorous tests to ensure the safety of the products, such as roofing elements, as well as sound and heat insulation tests, according to the requirements of the various energy efficiency and passive building standards.


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