After the activity of Praktiker stores in Bulgaria were taken by Technopolis three years ago, the new owner started a vast investment program of reconstruction and extension of existing stores and construction of new ones.

There were reconstructed and extended the hypermarket stores in Rousse, Burgas, Sofia - Lyulin, Veliko Tarnovo. New stores were built in Varna, Plovdiv, Shumen, Stara Zagora and Vratsa.

Sament Group was engaged in the reconstruction and extension of existing systems for natural lighting and ventilation  in most of the enlisted stores/ excluded the projects in Stara Zagora and Shumen /.

The last store, which was completely renovated and extended, was Praktiker Sofia- Druzhba. In this project, Sament Group implemented the complete renovation of the system for roof lighting and smoke extraction by dismantling the existing systems, installing the supporting steel construction and installing the new elements of the system.It is very important for us we to participate in such projects, which are essentially open to us and our work. Similar objects where everybody can come in and see our work, our products and systems, their reliability and aesthetic vision are a real showroom, a showcase for our systems. Such conversions are far more accessible and are a really effective way for our potential customers and partners to see what we are doing actually.