In March 2020 Sament Group completed and put into operation a system for natural roof lighting, natural ventilation and smoke and heat ventilation and pressure controlled release system at a new Airplane hangar at Sofia Airport. The system is based on continues roof lights with integrated natural ventilation flaps. The flaps are double function units for natural smoke extraction and natural daily ventilation. The smoke extraction system includes also fixed smoke curtains for roof smoke spread restriction. In two areas of the building with estimated risk of explosion are installed a façade solution for controlled pressure release in case of explosion.

The products in the system are:

  • Continues roof lights for natural day lighting type GLOS DL BT
  • Roof flaps for natural ventilation type GLOS FF EL
  • Smoke curtains type NYMBUS SC FIX
  • Controlled pressure release units type GLOS FEX
  • Automation control systems, Automation line