There are many production and technological activities in the industry, where there is a significant level of heat emissions from the machines used or the technological processes themselves.

Significant heat emissions are released in:

  • metallurgy – cold and hot roll production, casting centers, foundries, etc.
  • glass industry
  • production of ceramics and faience
  • chemical industry
  • mining industry - flotation and concentrators/ enrichment factories

The extraction of heat emissions from inside the building is permanent task, which is carried out continuously to maintain acceptable working conditions and adequate starting conditions for technological processes.
It is common practice this process of continuous extraction of heat emissions from the interior of industrial buildings to be based on the methods of natural ventilation. The use of forced ventilation is accepted only as an element of the technological process itself.
The extraction of heat emissions as an element of secondary saturation by forced method is not economically feasible, except in some cases and as a complementary method of natural ventilation.Then, when the use of natural ventilation is required, specially developed devices for roof and facade application are used, which have a design that allows constant operation without the risk of infiltration of water or snow. Usually the use of such devices is in accordance with a specially developed project for ventilation of the building, in accordance with the thermal emissions from the technological equipment and the meteorological working conditions.
Sament Group offers a diverse range of products from the Industrial Ventilation section, a subdivision of the Industrial Line, specialized in safe and efficient extraction of heat emissions.
Such devices and ventilation systems, compliant to the specific customers’ needs and the used technology, are implemented in almost all areas of industrial production: metallurgy, glass industry, chemical factories, ceramic and faience factories, extraction of non-ferrous metals and others.
The implemented projects have various technological solutions in accordance with the hard-working conditions in such factories:

  • apparatus with external installation of automation
  • apparatus with special coatings for corrosion or chemical resistance
  • apparatus for technological processes with extreme aggressiveness of the environment, made of surgical steel, etc.